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Paca Talk #21 – The New Format

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Welcome to Paca Talk, the podcast for alpaca people by alpaca people. This is Episode 21: “The New Format.”

The New Format

Here’s the skinny: we could only produce our original 45-minute, multi-segmented behemoth of a podcast once every six weeks or so. We COULD produce a weekly 5-10 minute alpaca newscast weekly over the summer, but not now since school has started (Maren and Charles both teach at a university).

This has led us to change Paca Talk’s format. We aim to produce shorter episodes twice a month. The episodes will be comprised of the same segments, but not all at the same time.

Segments will include:

  • Farm Basics
  • Evergreen Terrace Farm Talk
  • Alpacas in the News — though we’re limiting ourselves to the “quirky” items
  • Main Topic — which will be split into “Interviews” and “Alpaca 101″

Our first new format episode should be on its way very soon! Thanks for listening, and keep on humming!

Check out our website at www.pacatalk.com. There are links to useful alpaca sites and good books for alpaca farmers of all experience levels. Music provided by Jim Soloway. Find him at http://www.jimsoloway.com/.

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