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Paca Talk Episode # 14: “The Normal Delivery”

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Welcome to Paca Talk, the podcast for alpaca people by alpaca people. This is Episode 14: “The Normal Delivery.”

Alpacas in the News

  1. Going to cut back on this because of new “Alpacas in the News” weekly podcast.   In this fee.

Farm Talk

Shearing day 2009

Farm Basics

Placenta disposal!

Main Topic—The Normal Alpaca Birth

  1. The text we referred to for the details for this episode:
    1. Caring for Llamas and Alpacas: A Health & Management Guide
  1. Abnormal birth is another show, but here is a list of when to call the vet if you are new to this:
    1. Active labor goes on for more than 1-2 hours (NEVER overnight!)
    2. Something other than the front feet are presenting out of the vulva  (we once had a head only)
    3. The placenta doesn’t show up for 6 hours
    4. Mom or baby seems weak, sick, or otherwise “off”
    5. Baby’s temp dips below 100 degrees (normal is 100-102 degrees F).


This has been episode Number 14 of Paca Talk, the podcast for alpaca people by alpaca people. If you missed anything, check out our website at www.pacatalk.com. There are links to useful alpaca sites and good books for alpaca farmers of all experience levels.  Music provided by Jim Soloway. Find him at http://www.jimsoloway.com/.

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