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Paca Talk #16– Alpacas in the News for July 31, 2009

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Welcome to Alpacas in the News, the weekly segment of Paca Talk dedicated to bringing you alpaca-related news items from around the world. I’m your host, Maren Bradley Anderson, and this is Alpacas in the News for July 31, 2009.

Alpaca Industry News

Last Chance for ARI Discount

This is a reminder that in response to member requests to allow a discount period on old registrations, the Board of Directors approved a 90 day discount which ends at the end of August. Not only is this discount being applied to registrations, but it is also being applied to transfers.

During this period, which is running from June 1st to August 31st, registrations and transfers are priced accordingly:

Online Office
$50.00 $55.00
Online Office
$30.00 $35.00

As always, the gelding prices have remained at their current low rates. As we begin collection of data for the EPD program, even gelding data will be important, so please consider registering these alpacas now. The prices are:

Online Office
$25.00 $30.00
Online Office
$15.00 $20.00

We hope that you will take advantage of this discount period to register any older alpacas that you have been unable to register in the past and to complete any transfers that you have been holding off on.

Registrations & Transfers must be received in the office by August 31st in order to receive the discount.

ARI’s PCR BVDV Testing

Last month, ARI began offering PCR BVDV testing off of DNA blood cards. This service has been very well received with more than 500 alpacas being tested so far. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of this option and to give you some information about our testing.

The cost of this service is $25.00 per test and the really exciting part is that these tests will be completed using the same DNA blood cards that we use for DNA testing. However, it is important that you fill the entire circle on the blood card to ensure there is enough sample to be tested. CLICK HERE to review the Blood Card Instruction Sheet.

When registering a new alpaca, you will be given the option to add a BVDV test to that transaction if you choose to do so.

In addtion, there are two ways to request a test for an alpaca that has already been registered. The first way is to go to ‘View My…Alpacas’ and click on an alpaca. You will now have a new tab that says ‘BVDV View’. In this tab you will be able to request a test on that alpaca and also view any previous test results for that alpaca. The second way is to use the ‘I want to…Request BVDV Tests’ menu to see a list of your alpacas, where you can select multiple alpacas to have tested at once.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Fill out your blood card before drawing the blood and putting it on the card
  • Be sure to write ‘BVDV Test’ on the card or we won’t know that it is a BVDV test. Future card designs will have a check box available
  • You must request the test within 20 days of the day you draw the blood and have the card to us within 10 days after that. This is important for the reliability of the testing
  • Have the blood cards available before requesting online because you will need to enter the bar code number just like you do for a registration
  • Results will be available online for you to download, we will also send you an email and mail you a paper copy
  • Our report lists the results as either ‘Not Detected’ or ‘Detected’
  • If BVDV is present in the sample, you will receive a phone call notifying you and requesting additional testing
  • BVDV testing will follow the same testing schedule as DNA tests, which is about 7-10 days from the time we receive the card
  • Most Importantly: We cannot provide rushed testing and as a result, our testing should NOT be used if you think you have an outbreak. If you have an emergency, please use the other testing vendors that are available

If you have questions, please CLICK HERE and login to submit a supoort issue online or call us at (402)437-8484 and we will be happy to assist you.

Alpaca Fiber Symposium


Save the date! October 23-25, 2009 will be the next Alpaca Fiber Symposium to be held in the Denver area.

Alpacas in Mainstream Media

BTB Transmission – alpacas

We are grateful for sight of this week’s Veterinary Record, where a report investigates an outbreak of disease which appears to be the result of convoluted movements, undertaken by some of this country’s alpacas.


New medicine found for treating alpacas with ulcers

In looking at what brought visitors to my site I noticed that lately a lot of them are inquiring about ulcers in alpacas. It was less than 3 years ago that we lost our beloved Hip Hop Babe to perforated ulcers. You can read all about it by Clicking Here

A third study has been conducted by Geoffrey Smith, DVM at North Carolina State University which offers more hope and a much more positive outcome! Pantoprazole has been demonstrated to reduce the acidity of the third compartment when administered either subq or intravenously. The animals used in this study also had a cannula inserted into their third stomach compartment in order to test the pH of the actual stomach contents. When administered either IV or subq, pantoprazole provided a slow, sustained, significant increase in pH, indicating a therapeutic level had been reached! An effective and safe treatment now appears in pantoprazol for the use in both treatment and prophylaxis of camelid ulcers! Thank you Dr. Smith!

Your donated dollars to ARF allow this research project, and many more to continue. Please make your contribution today.

For further information or to contact a member of the ARF board please be sure to visit the Alpaca Research Foundation Website at http://www.alpacablog.desertmtnalpacas.com/2009/07/25/new-medicine-found-for-treating-alpacas-with-ulcers/

Really, Thurston County Fair all about the animals

The Olympian – Olympia,WA,USA

This year’s mascot is the alpaca. (Mascots are a chosen by a vote of children at the previous year’s fair.) “Alpacas West is bringing some alpacas to have …

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This year’s mascot is the alpaca. (Mascots are a chosen by a vote of children at the previous year’s fair.) “Alpacas of America is bringing some alpacas to have on display, and they’ll be at the Willuweit Pavilion,” he said.

Things that Make You Go “Hmmm.”


Llamas/alpacas as golf caddies…with a video!


Don’t Trust the New Rally Until You See This Signal


The world’s best performing stock market this year, with bulls even more rampant than machos on analpaca farm, is Peru’s. Lima’s general index has more …

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Forget sizzling China or bubbling Brazil. The world’s best performing stock market this year, with bulls even more rampant than machos on an alpaca farm, is Peru’s. Lima’s general index has more than doubled; Shanghai has risen by “only” 85 per cent.

Farm Shout-Outs

BMR Acres, NY Fans flock to Fiber Fair
Utica Observer Dispatch – Utica,NY,USA
Rose proved that during the Madison County Fair in Brookfield this month, as he shared some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the alpaca farm he owns …
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Hubbert Farms, Obosheen Alpacas, and Averegan Alapacas,Ontario,Canada Peterborough Ex soon
Peterborough Examiner – Peterborough,Ontario,Canada
For the first time, the Peterborough Exhibition will feature alpacas — animals whose fur is called the fleece of the future. …
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Friend of the Show, Sylvan Skies Alpacas, Oregon
Listen to interview here
Event features friendly competition
Statesman Journal – Salem,OR,USA
Also new this year was a petting zoo featuring alpacas from Greg Schneider’s Scio farm, Sylvan SkiesAlpacas. “When you meet an alpaca for the first time, …
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Bel Canto alpaca farm, NY Ulysses Town Talk: Mobile food pantry coming to church
Ithaca Journal
Bel Canto alpaca farm is planning an open house for the weekend of Sept. 26-27 in celebration of 2009 International Year of Natural Fibers, and National …
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Brookfield Alpacas, Whitby, England New generation of alpacas put Lawrence on way to 50 – VIDEO
Whitby Today
By Caroline Gough In January, the Whitby Gazette told the story of how breeder Lawrence Waller surprised locals when he took his pet alpaca to the pub. …
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Silverod Ranch, MI Special guests
Sturgis Journal
Kim and Alechia bought their first alpaca about five years ago in South Bend. There was a youngalpaca at her side and she had been rebred. …
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Friend of the Show, Bil Morrill (@BilOregon ) Sizzling heat’s not neat, but a real tweet
The Register-Guard
Cottage Grove alpaca rancher Bil Morrill (@BilOregon), was all business when tweeting that he’s got “too many alpacas to bring in so we cool them off by …
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