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Alpacas in the News #1 (Paca Talk #9)

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From the producers of Paca Talk … it’s

Alpacas in the News!


For June 19, 2009.


Welcome to Alpacas in the News, the new weekly segment of Paca Talk dedicated to bringing you alpaca-related news items from around the world. This is Alpacas in the News number One.

I’m Maren Bradley Anderson, the host of Alpacas in the News. I am also the co-host of Paca Talk (the podcast for alpaca people by alpaca people) and co-owner of Evergreen Terrace Farms Alpacas.

You are probably hearing this because Charles and I have inserted it into the feed for Paca Talk, our monthly alpaca podcast. We simply cannot do Paca Talk any more frequently than our current 4-6 week schedule, but I wanted to put more material into the feed. One day as I stood in the barn wishing an alpaca
would just give birth already, I came up with the idea of doing a weekly, five-minute alpaca news cast.

I have a collection of alpaca-related news articles and funny things I see on television and the Internet. We include a few on every episode of Paca Talk, but there are far more out there than we can include in that segment. In addition to straight, alpaca-industry news from AOBA and ARI, I am going to include some quirky favorites (like the alpaca/llama Starburst ad), and give some shout-outs to small farms who make it into their local papers. In this cast, we’re going back a few weeks, but in future podcasts, we are limiting
entries to the previous week only.

We’re going to commit to this weekly cast for the summer of 2009. Come mid-September, we’ll evaluate how the show is doing and decide whether to continue it. So, if you like Alpacas in the News, please let us know by leaving a comment on the website or by emailing us at show@pacatalk.com. Also, email us
if you have news items you’d like us to include in the show.

Now, on to the news!

Alpaca Industry News

News from AOBA and ARI, mostly from their email blasts to members. These emails are not stored on these associations’ respective websites.


June 1

As many of you are aware of by now, several of the AOBA websites are temporarily offline due to a malicious hacker attack that left most webpages on AlpacaInfo.com, AlpacaOwners.com and AlpacaShows.com severely compromised with a malicious code that could be downloaded to unsuspecting visitors to these websites.

And, in related news:

June 12

There has been a change in our staffing at AOBA’s home office in Nashville, Tennessee. We have replaced our Technology Manager, Richard Moore with an Information Technology Specialist to assist in getting our website, internal computers servers and email systems fully functional.

According to LUCY FARRAR on the
Alpacasite on Yahoo Groups:

My PCcillin virus protection software picked up a Trojan that I had received by using the AOBA website to register and pay for the conference. Others who have done this may want to watch out for this. It is identified as Troj-Agent.ARDA and from WorldPay_Confr.exe. [...]

Front Range Alpacas, LLC www.coloradoalpaca.com<http://www.coloradoalpaca.com/>

Thanks Lucy!

June 16

Deadline for Show Rules Comment – 2010 Handbook

Each year, the AOBA Show Rules Committee solicits comments of the current show rules from our  embership. Once received and organized, these comments are then reviewed and discussed by the  ommittee with subsequent recommendations being forwarded to the AOBA Board of Directors for approval.

The deadline for submitting comments is at midnight PT on June 30, 2009. All submissions should be  ade in writing and addressed to Margie Ault, the AOBA Show System Administrator at  Admin@aobashows.org.

June 17

AOBA Board of Directors – New Officers

At the June 15th meeting of the AOBA Board of Directors, the following Board officers were elected for the year 2009 – 2010. The officers are as follows:

  • Bill Johnson, President
  • Bill Pearce, Vice President
  • David Barboza, Secretary
  • Jess Bowers, Treasurer

Congratulations to the new officers!

Alpacas in Mainstream Media

June 7

Alpacas on Parade in the Capital City

Almost two dozen llamas and alpacas
marched down State Street. It’s the second llama parade to be held in Vermont. Organizers hoped the parade would draw

June 10

Alpaca guard squad makes good
Weekly Times Now -

But rather than breed them, Roger Polkinghorne, a serious breeder of Merinos, employs the alpaca to guard ewes and lambs from foxes, dogs and other likely

Things that make you go “Hmmmm?”

This is where I’m going to put all the quirky and weird alpaca stuff I come across.

An example from earlier this year would definitely be the alpaca/llama Starburst candy commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3kw7cRz4Ek.

Today, we have a casting call from a reality show:

June 10, 2009


Realitywanted -

Run an alpaca
farm? Family of treasure hunters? If so, we want to hear from YOU! You must be logged in to view the full casting call and apply.

Farm Shout-outs

I’m just going to read the farm names and states, but I’ll have links to the whole stories in the shownotes.

Alpacas, Posies and Pines, Ohio

Alpacas keep seniors happy Springfield News Sun – Springfield,OH,USA

Bill Lackey Residents of Alterra Sterling House are amazed by Naruto, a 7-month-old alpaca from Debbie Stokes’ alpaca farm, Thursday, June 11, …

The Green Alpaca in New Hampshire

Yurt raising and open farm at the Green Alpaca Foster’s Daily Democrat – Dover,NH,USA STRAFFORD — A yurt raising and open farm will be held at The Green Alpaca on June 13-14 from 9 am to 4 pm. This is at 654 Second Crown Point Road in …

The McManuses, Swindon, England

New career on the land at Seend This is Wiltshire.co.uk – Swindon,Engl.

Former IT project manager Jo McManus decided she wanted a career change to lead a more relaxed life, running her own alpaca farm. Mrs McManus of Seend is on …and,UK

Luna Nueva Ranch, Colorado

Shear Fascination Berthoud Recorder – CO, USA Luna Nueva Ranch
After the alpaca was secured into position on the barn floor with a system of ropes and pulleys, the shearer would begin clipping the heavy growth of wool. …

Serenity Farm Alpacas, Arkansas

Area knitters to be part of global event Montgomery Advertiser -
Montgomery,AL,USA Serenity Farm Alpacas of Millbrook

will have raw alpaca fiber, alpaca yarn, socks and many other alpaca
items, while Whorling Tides of Tuscaloosa will sell …

Riverboat Alpaca Ranch, Ohio


Marietta Times – Marietta,OH,USA

Amash, owner with husband, Charles Thomas, of Riverboat Alpaca Ranch in Devola, makes good use of genuine alpaca fiber to create her hats. …

Field Of Dreams Alpacas, California

Local alpacas shorn

Tehachapi News – Tehachapi,CA,USA

The Field Of Dreams Alpacas ranch in Cummings Valley held their shearing on May 30, 2009. The annual event is free and open to the public and enjoyed this …

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